At Torres Metal Recycling, we provide complete metal recycling, removal of industrial metal waste, and asset destruction services for industrial companies in and around the Houston area. The United States scraps almost 100 million tons of metal waste each year. For over 60 years, the staff at Torres Metal Recycling has been doing our part to help recycle this metal. Over the years we have acquired more technology, equipment, and high-skilled professionals to improve the efficiency of our operations. We run one of the most successful and sophisticated non-ferrous processing & recycling facilities in Texas.


We are HUB certified through the state of Texas and DMill Certified through the Federal Government, meaning that our business meets and exceeds all industry operating and safety standards.

Industrial Recycling

Torres Metal Recycling specializes in servicing: 

  • Machine shops

  • Fabrication shops

  • Construction sites

  • Plumbers

  • Industrial companies

We personally coordinate the serving of each account and provide box pick-ups within 24 hours. In addition, we offer roll-off containers, watertight containers, self-dumping chip hoppers, and metal bins to fit each customer’s requirements. We always have the right equipment for our clients' industrial recycling needs.

Pick-Up Service & Containers

Our pick up service offers:

  • 24-hour roll-off service

  • 18-wheeler flatbed and drop deck trailer

  • roll-off containers

  • 10yd, 20yd, 30yd, 40yd, and 50-yard water-tight roll-off containers for turnings

  • self-dumping chip hoppers

  • 1/4yd - 5yd 55-gallon drums

  • 4x4 & 4x6 metal boxes

  • Gaylord boxes

Asset Destruction

Torres Metal Recycling is DMill Certified through the Federal Government and we are a leader in the asset destruction
arena. We will safely securely destroy any unwanted metal assets. A Torres Metal Recycling team will travel to your
facility to handle the project on-site, or to conveniently remove the unwanted assets for destruction at an off-site facility.
Assets are cut up, dismantled, and destroyed as needed. Our team documents, photographs, and manages the destruction
and removal of materials to meet your pre-approved standards. If you need paperwork to show that an asset has been
retired and will not be re-built or re-used, we will provide this for you. We take pride in our above average customer

service standards, and our unrivaled reputation for prompt service and follow through.


Do you have used and wrecked automobiles on your hand? If so you could get top dollar for cars that you no longer drive. We provide a full range of services, beginning with towing your vehicle and culminating in auto shredding. Auto shredding - which can refer to the “shredding” of any type of metal from scrap, appliances, vehicles, equipment, etc. - is a processing technique that separates ferrous (iron-containing) materials from non-ferrous (non-iron containing) materials, as well as sort other recyclable and non-recyclable materials.

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