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Our specialized equipment allows high volume processing of over 500 tons of non-ferrous/ferrous scrap metal weekly. As a result of this high volume, we are able to give you, our valued customer, the most competitive prices available. To ensure that our customers get paid the highest price available on the market, we export processed scrap to global markets overseas, including India, China, and Japan. We search the world over for the highest prices so that we may pass those high prices over to you! Because we ship directly to the mills, you are able to skip the middle man by selling your metal to us. This means our customers get paid the highest price available on the market, with the most convenient and quick service.

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Bring Us Your Scrap Metal

From old appliances to industrial and 
commercial non-ferrous & ferrous
scrap metals, we handle it all.

We Recycle It 

We are a full service metal recycling facility. No job is too

big or too small!

You Get Paid!

We search global markets for

the most competitive prices so we

can put the most money in your pocket!

Our knowledgeable staff will unload and sort your materials quickly and get you “weighed & paid” instantly without wait.